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Welcome To Your Happier Life

My name is Jo and I am the founder of A Happier Life For You life coaching.

I began my journey to happiness many years ago, when I decided my lifestyle and my mindset had to change. For so many of my younger years, I went through life with a negative outlook and suffered deeply from clinical depression.

It was only after a few years on anti-depressants that I realised life didn’t have to continue in this vein, and only I had the ability to change it. And so began my gradual journey to recovery, and to reclaiming my happiness.

I won’t lie; this wasn’t a quick process. I had my dark moments along the way, and periods of terrible unhappiness that I struggled to escape from. Eventually, however, I began to notice a pattern emerging, and it gave me something to work with.

As a highly intuitive empath, I have struggled over the years with my own moods as well as my ability to act as an ’emotional sponge’, meaning I become deeply affected by the atmosphere and the people around me. Knowing how to harness this has been the hard part, but I was aware that things had to change for my own well-being.

Going through such a major spiritual awakening has inspired me to help others find their happiness, and to heal from emotional suffering. Learning how to understand and positively channel my own emotions has helped me to become a happier and healthier person, and this is something I want to share.

I am hoping that my own journey will inspire others to embrace a different frame of mind and find their own way forward to a better, less stressful life.

Happiness is within us all. We just need to develop our ability to think positively.


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